Sunday, May 1, 2011

Saints Tranmissions: Saint Jude--Show us the Light Switch

Saint Jude: Show us the Light Switch
Get us out of the tunnel of arrogance

ST: With all the planets in the sign of Aries, I've noticed more arrogance than usual coming from even usually generous and compassionate people.  I've had to watch my own behavior like a hawk.  And what I've seen especially with Uranus moving into Aries is a huge rebellion away from the Aquarian collective towards the childish and selfish Aries (dark side of Aries).  I have heard this with topics discussed on radio shows, and in my normal everyday relating to others. How do we move past this arrogance and fake independence in a time when collectives are so desperately needed to heal the planet?

Saint Jude: You put your finger right on the pulse, planets transiting in Aries.  Now with planets finally moving into Taurus (later this month), you will see a selfish robustness replaced with stubborness and the pursuit of easy pleasures.  You'll also see more women asserting themselves, but many pursue pleasures too and don't be fooled by their activism when it is focused on improving their own lot in life, financially and otherwise.  You'll also see a lot of articles and hear radio shows centered on the pleasures of sex and relationships.  But this for the most part is banal and not healthy for the planet.  It's going to feel like women shoppers at a meat market later this month so watch out.  Of course more evolved women won't be participating in this nonsense, or more evolved men.

Now you ask how does humanity move past its self-interests? Good question and one that the non-humans ask on a regular basis.  When will humans finally get this idea of  interdependence? If you're even a little awake, and you most likely are if you're reading this message, then practice love, gratitude, and compassion.  When you make small or large decisions, choose love, not fear.  How do you know the difference? Love has a higher vibration and fear feels like someone hit you in the gut, or it feels like you're carrying rocks around in your body.  I know you know the difference by now.

But as I've mentioned earlier some of you love cheap drama.  It's as if you can't get enough from novels and movies or the evening news.  Oh, no, you have to attract cheap drama into your life, that's right you attract it.  You say you don't want all the drama, but you actually do, otherwise, it would not come your way.  You wouldn't attract others who also enjoy cheap drama.  This doesn't imply by any means that there isn't real suffering in the world, because of course there is.  The earth is cleansing and purifying at the moment creating some real drama, but that doesn't mean humanity can shirk responsibility.  You are responsible for your part, large or small.  It's not just the rich corporations that harm the earth.  Each of you make choices, and many opportunities to do the right thing are staring you in the face.

But what happens is that you get caught up in your fear and limitations.  You have no faith.  you believe that angels, even Arcangels and holy saints are a bunch of wimps who can't take on darkness and win.  Oh, but you are so wrong to believe this.  That's not to say that we don't need your help or that we don't want it.  We need your cooperation if you want to see the earth survive this chaos and arrogance.  You must start to think outside of yourself. Look around with your eyes as far as you can see, and open your ears and heart.  Pay attention to those around you.  Is there someone you can help right now? Can you seek help for yourself right now to improve your circumstances or are you just going to throw in the towel?

Do you pray to angels and God for miracles then when the miracles show up, dismiss them because you fear them? The miracles won't show up the way you envision them exactly.  They will show up quickly in some cases and catch you off guard, but you must step back and make and take a bigger view of the situation.  You pray for a partner and one shows up, but he or she is not exactly what you had in mind.  But this person could be the highest and best partner for you regardless.  Saints and Angels know what's best for you.

So this week watch your ego.  Pay attention to when you sink into a dark place and ask to be uplifted out of that place.  Pray for miracles and express gratitude when your prayer is answered.  Try your best not to get caught up in the arrogance of the world.  Practice love, graditude and compassion, and that includes yourself. When you judge yourself this is not practicing compassion.  You can enjoy your time on the earth too, it's not all work and sacrifice.  But remember that all the good that comes to you came to you through the hands of many creatures.  Even that bowl of cereal took microbes, earthworms, bees, insects, soil, elementals, farm workers etc... to produce.  You didn't just buy it at the store, it came to you from many sources.

We love you and support you on your quest to enlightenment. We will get there.


Saint Jude

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