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Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude & Saint Mary Magdalene

Saints Transmissions: Jude and Magdala
The Power of Love

ST: I keep hearing about the power of love, that if I feel enough love and gratitude I can manifest anything.  We've discussed this topic before, but now I'm at a crucial juncture in my life, as others are, and I need reassurance.  What can you tell me on this topic?

Saints Jude and Magdala: You came to the right place and the right people to advise you on this topic.  We knew one of the greatest lovers of all time, Magdala knew him more intimately than I.  Yeshua was all about love and gratitude.  We all were. This was our greatest teaching.  We understand too how hard it is to love in a world filled with fear, loathing, and hatred.  We know what it's like to walk into a dark space and light it with a single candle flame.  Yet, this is what we ask of you lovers and fools for love, also known as light workers.

You will lose faith from time to time.  You will see religions used to benefit some and manipulate others.  You will see mind games and all sorts of nonsense, which you shall play no part.  Walk away from it.  Don't spend your time arguing with fear, and don't spend your time convincing others that they are living their lives from fear.  Instead, look in the mirror and see where your heart is, and where it lies, and where it lies to you.  Are you coming from a place of love or fear? You know you are quite capable of both, so you must tune into your heart and see what lives in it.

Love is sometimes easy.  Some people, especially the kind and gentle ones are easy to love.  The ones who hurt the most, the deeply wounded, the ones that lash out in hostility or from food allergies and pollution, pose many challenges to experiencing love.  Yet, my light worker friends, you possess enough love in your hearts even for those you consider enemies.  And remember the mirror trick or trick of mirrors? What you perceive outside of yourself, is exactly what you are projecting.  There is only one of us here in the room, and it is YOU. So if you don't like what you sense in the world, then change the tune of the songs you are singing.

Many of you see world events for illusions.  I'll let you in on a secret, they are illusions.  I'm not saying that the people who experience these illusions don't feel them as real.  No, I'm not saying that at all, but deep in their subconscious minds, they know that they experience illusions.  Fear and darkness are illusions.  So-called evil is illusion.  Only love is real.  Yes, you have heard this before, but I like to repeat it like a mantra.  How else will you my human friends learn that only love is real.  You believe it now when I tell you.  You nod your heads, and say, "Yes, that's right, Jude.." But then you turn on the radio and listen to the negative reports, one after the other, like a bad string of pearls.  Then this belief that only love is real crumbles at your feet.

So why do you expose yourself to negative illusions? Why do you believe that they are real and that you need to prepare for your role as a fighter or a warrior versed in dualism? Oh, but you do.  Don't laugh or scoff at me as I tell you the truth.  Everytime you hear of an event you feel is unjust, you have an impulse to grab a sign and hit the streets.  "Yeah, I'll show those corporate...fill in the blank..." or whatever political party is on your hate agenda.  Then you too are caught in the illusion like a fish in the net.

You wonder how you can play a better role in the world.  After you meditate and do things you love, it's easier to love the world.  So start there.  Start right there with the things you love doing.  Ask yourself why you don't do more things that you love.  Is it some duty to the world, some responsibility to do things you despise? And maybe there are things you despise but you have to do them anyway.  Still can't you find something to love about those things? There is something to love in every event, every situation, every person, every being, etc...There are things to love about yourselves, lots of things we can see.

So yes, the Power of Love is real.  It can move mountains.  It can heal oceans. It can heal you, it can heal us, and it can build community where everyone prospers as it should be.  But to get there, you must focus on love and gratitude.  When you find yourself focusing on negative things, shift your consciousness.  You Can Do This.

Remember that we love you.


All Saints

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