Monday, April 18, 2011

Saints Transmissions: Jude on Complacency

Saints Transmission: Saint Jude
Complacency: Waking up is Hard to Do

ST: We have experienced many wake up calls in the past few months and yet, humanity as a whole seems rather complacent.  Jude, I'm concerned that humanity won't wake up in time and we will destroy life on this planet.  I know anger doesn't wake people up, obviously 9.0 earthquakes, large oil spills, and freak storms don't wake people up so what will work?

Saint Jude: Yes, I share your concern.  Too many people are hitting the snooze button and too many people are choosing fear as a normal way of life. All the saints and angels feel concern, but we're not worried.  You probably wonder why we don't worry over possible catastrophe of the earth and that is because we visualize humanity finally waking up.

Yet, you ask how do you wake up all those sleepy heads.  You're correct anger and outrage won't do it, injecting more fear into the system with disturbing news and reports won't wake them up, only love will and can wake others up.  The gentleness of a lullaby that lulls people to sleep can also wake them up to greet a new dawn.

Currently humanity journeys through the dark night of the soul, the darkest hour before the beautiful dawn appears on the horizon, before the moon sets and Venus rises.  This is the dawning of the Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine, but first you must slay the dragons, but not through might and warfare. You must slay the dragons with love, faith, and compassion. The dragons aren't beasts, you see, but the darkness that looms on the horizon and in people's hearts.  You can't heal a heart with hatred or going to battle with it.  No, you must heal the planet through love and one loving act at a time. It is the only way.

So if you want to wake someone up who is fast asleep don't slap him or her in the face. Gently rock their body back and forth.  Plant a kiss on the crown of their heads, smile, and offer help when the person needs it. Inspire through kind words and acts.  Don't say one thing, that you're for peace and then act as if you would rather do battle with the world.  You can't have peace and war at the same time. You must choose.  Just like you can't feel love and fear at the same time.

But I'll tell you that humanity has an addiction to fear.  You might ask why anyone would enjoy that rumbling low vibration, but the adrenaline rush and the drama of fear excites too many humans.  They feel brave when they have fears to face, but the greatest act any of you could do at this time is to embrace love. Now that is the act of a true warrior, not to create more fears and troubles, but to live love.  Yes, that's right live love.  Don't just talk about it or think about it, or say that you will change tomorrow.  Live love now.

Remember that we love you and bless you.


Saint Jude

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