Sunday, April 10, 2011

Saints Transmission: Jeanne d'Arc--Lay down your swords.

Saint Transmission:
Jeanne d'Arc (Joan of Arc)
Message: Lay down your swords

ST: Bonjour Jeanne.  Why are so many countries in the Near and Middle East suddenly erupting into violence and outrage? This might seem like an ignorant question to those folks listening to the news and the activist types.  I also believe in human justice, but I don't believe in violent means to achieve it.  You're one of the saints that went to war to bring justice so this is why I ask your opinion.  Plus as a French woman I know you won't hold back on your opinions or sage wisdom.

Saint Jeanne: In this case, under these circumstances, I ask my brothers and sisters to lay down their arms.  I have learned over the centuries that conflict begins in the human heart.  Oppression begins in the human soul, not outside of it.  Whatever you're experiencing on the outside, first comes from inside you and then is projected outward.  Once it's projected outward, a scapegoat or someone or something to blame is found and voila, war.

You cannot solve this problem through violence.  You cannot heal this problem through airstrikes, and in fact, airstrikes cause damage to the fragile earth.  Nobody wins when brother turns against brother.  I learned this the hard way.  I went to war against England and I burned on the stakes for my efforts.  I was a woman inflamed with my anger and I know that it was that anger/outrage in my heart that sent me to the stakes, not the fathers of the Church or the university professors.  I take full responsibility for how my life ended and this is why I tell you, I urge you to lay down your swords.

You will ask next if diplomacy will solve the problem.  My answer is no, it won't.  The only diplomacy that will solve the problem is reaching into each of your hearts.  Forgive the wounds of your soul through your own hearts. No one can oppress you, unless you oppress yourself in some way and usually this is by your beliefs.  There is no one out there, just you. We are one organism in the great cosmos.  When one brother turns against another, or one sister turns against another, we develop a cancer of humanity, a malignancy.  This can only happen if you believe in the illusion of separation.

Now to some of you reading this, and especially to anyone reading this message (you are at a high vibration/frequency otherwise you wouldn't tune into this blog), current world events seem like illusions to you.  They are illusions.  None of this is real or I could say these events are as real as sitting in a movie theatre watching images flicker across the screen.  UNLESS you reside in the lower dimensions then these events are painfully real.  So the solution, lift your vibration folks.  Get the heck out of the 4th and 3rd dimensions. Pack up your soul and flee to higher ground.

And as you transcend into higher dimensions the world around you and all its ugly events actually begin to dissolve.  Remember those Alkaseltzer pills that you used to down for an upset stomach? Think of events dissolving like those tablets.  Heaven and hell on earth exist right now, not in the future, not in a sci-fi or fantasy novel, but right now.  You have a choice. You can promote darkness and suffering through your thoughts, words, and actions, or you can promote bliss, joy, and transcendence through them.  I won't choose for you.  For those of you who enjoy drama, I feel sadness for you because in order to choose drama, you'll choose hell on earth.  But who am I to judge you, but a French peasant of medieval times?

But if you're serious about peace, then find peace in your heart.  Stop searching for enemies to sharpen your swords.  Stop seeking scapegoats to aim your daggers.  If you play with fire you'll only burn in the end.  Control your passion, ground and center yourself.  Don't forget to breathe.  Then choose the world you wish to experience and do the necessary healing work to manifest that world.  I know which world I would choose, but I'm not going to make that decision for you.

We love you and hope you'll choose love over fear.


Saint Jeanne d'Arc of France

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