Sunday, May 6, 2012

All Saints Transmissions: Mother Mary--Super-Moon or Super Gloom?

Due to low traffic to this blog, this is the last Saints Transmission post.  This takes too much of my time and effort, not to mention, these posts could get me in hot water.  The posts will remain online indefinitely or until forces of nature remove them.

All Saints Transmissions: Mother Mary
Super-Moons, what do they mean?

ST: Mother Mary, we experienced another Super-Moon in Scorpio last night.  I was born under the influence of a super-moon and in between 2 major eclipses.  I feel out-of-touch with the world around me, always seeking something deeper.  What kind of effect will this moon have on humanity and the natural world? What will it reveal that has been kept hidden from us?

Mother Mary: The moon represents the yin part of the equation and the mother aspect of all of us.  It represents how we mother ourselves, how we mother each other, and how our mother imprinted on us as children, and as adults.  The moon rules the stomach and breasts, sustenance and nourishment, represents the tides, the seas, but mostly the tidal flats or how the moon reflects upon the water.

The moon often gets a bad reputation because it is a creature of the night, the mysterious, and unknown urges.  A super-moon emphasizes all of those traits so people of course fear this powerful experience.  I find, that most humans do not want to know what lurks in their subconscious.  It's easier, actually it's not, but seems easier to repress emotions and core issues, then to dig them out and deal with them.  Super-moons do not allow repression, especially if the moon is in a water sign such as Scorpio--it's all about releasing emotions, both considered positive and negative.

Since the next new and full moons are eclipsed by the sun, this super-moon holds more significance than it otherwise would.  It will and can bring transformation of gigantic proportion.  This could come out as Dark Mother energy (Kali) or just darker urges that need healing at this time.  The planet definitely calls out at this time demanding respect as your singer Aretha Franklin once sang.  How long do you think you can keep dumping your miserable trash on this beautiful planet and expect to get away with it? So that's what this moon signifies.

For women, those of you in abusive partnerships need to release yourself from those dysfunctional experiences.  For women and men who practice promiscious sex and use other people for their bodies, need to examine this behavior now.  You think no one gets hurt--you are wrong.  Those of you prostituting yourself in any way, whether it is a job you despise because of the money, or that you are actually selling your body, need to reconsider your actions.  You need to heal the reasons why you have no faith that a bigger and better life awaits you.  And those of you who settle for less than you're worth in any area of your life, you must expand your vision and develop more self-worth.

Finally, my plea to you is to take better care of Mother Earth.  She nourishes and protects you unconditionally, but you have taken advantage.  Everything is living and breathing.  All sentient beings deserve respect today and onwards.

Remember that we always love you.


Mother Mary

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