Sunday, February 12, 2012

All Saints Transmissions: Time is an illusion

All Saints Transmissions: Saint Jude
Time is an illusion

ST: Dear Saint Jude why is time speeding up? Why do we humans feel like we don't have enough time? And why are our lives controlled by this digital age?

Saint Jude: My dear, time is an illusion.  You can suspend time if you choose and you can even transcend it.  I like the description of the rat race, but humans these days appear to me as hampsters in one of those Habit Trail theme parks.  You're running around in circles, setting useless goals, and acting self-important. If only you could see the illusion for what it is.  From where I sit and witness this madness, I'm scratching my head wondering how long it will take for you to shift dimensions.

I hear that question often, when and how do we shift dimensions? Some of you think you do this with your mind.  You check out philosophy, books on religion, and quantum physics from the library, or if you're someone with money or a credit card, you head to your favorite large bookstore.  You read a few books, declare yourself enlightened, and still you participate in the everyday madness, again those hampster wheels and plastic trails.  Except with humans, you drive vehicles around in circles that pollute the air you breathe, then when you feel sick from the pollution you head over to your doctor, who gives you toxic pills, which you flush down the drain with your body's waste, and then you grow even sicker from toxic water.

But you cannot worry about any of that because you have to go to work for a boss you don't respect and a company in which you feel at odds. But you're one of the lucky ones, you tell yourself because at least you have a job. And you say this rather smugly so as not to associate with those unwashed ones who don't get up everyday to go to a job they despise. But they're miserable too, escaping the world's illusions through television, or the fog of drugs and alcohol. I ask myself, why do humans torment themselves? What are you protecting your hearts from? Do you not have a thimble full of faith that there's something spectacular waiting for you?

The third dimension is over.  It is time to rise to the next dimension, but you can only get there through the frequency of love. You must lift your vibration, and I cannot emphasize this enough.  The saints and angels have delivered this message through movies, books, magazine articles, television shows, spiritual workshops, and even billboards and dreams. And still humanity as a whole chooses to live in FEAR.  It is a choice. No one makes that choice for you.  You choose to turn on the nightly or morning news, as if you're doing some service to humankind by carrying low vibrations around with you all day.  You choose to rant or engage in negative conversations.  You choose to eat unhealthy foods, live your life like zombies or hampsters, you choose.  Mindfulness is the key to unlocking the door to consciousness. Through mindfulness you awaken your hearts and this leads you to enlightenment and the higher dimensions.

How many times do we need to teach these concepts? It is simple, and yet, I see it is not simple.  Some of you give it your best try, but then you fall prey to negativity and then, oops, you slip back into the third dimension of illusions.  So you must strive for even more mindful experiences. Take yoga classes, you can find some for free. Learn to meditate. Find uplifting music and keep listening to it. I would ask you to join a group, but group mentality or thinking can easily slide into negativity and then you slip too.  I don't recommend huggy kissy groups either where people are spiritually-high but not dealing with their shadows or wounds.  This is false spirituality and escapism at its best.  Never use spiritual practices like a drug to numb your pain. It doesn't work and no one will see you as an authentic seeker, because you're not.

You can actually journey through the dark night of the soul without succumbing to negativity.  And I remind you, if you need help with your spiritual practices or journeys, call on saints and angels. You don't need to practice a religion, we are here for everyone, no matter your beliefs or philosophies.  Remember that we always love you, even in your darkest moments, even when you don't love yourself.  We love you. Call on us.  We will offer guidance and protection during your most vulnerable hour.


Saint Jude and All Saints

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