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All Saints Transmissions: Forgiveness

photo by Patricia Herlevi
All Saints Transmissions: Mother Mary
Forgiveness Paves the Way to New Beginnings

ST: The vibrations I pick up from you today, Mother Mary, is forgiveness.  I know that for myself, I have trouble forgiving people, entities, events, and situations, but I know that forgiving the past would heal me.  Why do we have such a hard time letting these old stories go when they no longer serve us? How do we forgive?

Mother Mary: This question rests on the minds of humanity as a whole, and definitely as unenlightened individuals.  Once you learn the true meaning of forgiveness, you pave your way towards enlightenment.  You cannot grow or evolve if you clutch to wrong-doing and wrong-doers.  Your ego serves itself when you don't forgive and your soul withers, though a soul can never die.

I have seen some souls go through life times, even thousands of lifetimes without forgiving an enemy from an earlier lifetime. Imagine carrying this stone in your gut for thousands of lifetimes. These souls usually have health problems with the gut such as cancerous tumors.  If they radically forgive then these tumors would disappear.  Maybe not overnight, but within a few weeks or months.

Think of your body like a bag full of rocks.  Or better yet, you carry this bag full of rocks on your back while you climb up a hill. Let's say the hill is your life and your ambitions.  You won't get very far if you carry a heavy burden.  You will tire out, feel depleted of energy to even fulfill the smallest of tasks. So you realize at some point that those rocks are not serving you in anyway whatsoever.  So you must empty that bag out, but another part of you has attached stories to each rock.  These stories represent the dramas of your life and what makes you feel special.  You can join a group of other rock carriers (sufferers and victims of this or that) and feel validated.

Perhaps you don't want to give up the drama and the feeling of belonging in a group of survivors.  You sense that there is something heroic about your group members.  Not only that you become clannish and develop an us verses them mentality.  You have a collective enemy which could be men, if its a group for women who survived rape or domestic violence.  Or the group could involve political progressives who feel that the leadership of their country only serves corporations.  By joining these groups, you never heal yourself.  You never heal yourself.  You never heal yourself.  Why? How can you heal yourself if you don't practice forgiveness and letting go.  That bag of rocks increases in heaviness.  You even add petty pebbles to it cause by little slights.

Now, I am not saying that the person or entity that harmed you gets off Scott-free.  Karma plays a role.  But when you hang on to your grievances, you cause deeper harm to yourself. The rapist doesn't rob the woman of her freedom of choice.  He might cause trauma to the woman, but it is still up to the woman to figure out what she's going to do with that trauma.  Will she see the gift of light in the darkness? Will she see that she has choices to make about her future? There is no such thing as an innocent victim, not even children.

What I mean by this, is each soul carries a set of beliefs and patterns that send out vibration.  These beliefs are most often passed down through emotional DNA.  So even a baby carries these vibrations.  Now, I am not saying that we should not practice compassion.  But I am saying that like vibration attracts like vibration.  This also doesn't mean that people who commit crimes should be let off the hook.  And unless you're dealing with a sociopath, people do have consciences, even if their punishment happens below the surface.  Eventually, this person who committed a crime is going to mess up and give themselves away.

Now, I am not saying that nothing horrific is happening on the earth, but I am saying that there is a gift, a seed that when planted forgiveness reveals its gifts. Even the worst possible situations come bearing gifts.  You ask how I can say this, but remember that I forgave my enemies, the one's who took my son away from me during the prime of his life.  I could do this because I saw the bigger picture. I ask each of you to find something in your life that you think you cannot forgive, then forgive that situation or person.

Know this, everything that happens to you in this lifetime is a result of something you did in a previous lifetime. What goes around, comes around.  Don't think that you were a saint in every one of your lifetimes because you were not.  You have played every role imaginable and now the libertine ways of your soul come back to haunt you.  Even saints are sinners too.  So don't condone harmful and willful behavior, but forgive it to free yourself and to empty that large box of rocks.  In doing so, you are free to move forward on your path.  When you forgive you also balance karma and this can prevent further damage to you.

You often pray to me and you ask for miracles.  You ask for healing of this and that.  Here's my message, forgive your enemies, and forgive yourself then miracles will happen to you daily.  You will notice miracles everywhere.  Forgiveness has its rewards.

Remember that we always love you.


Mother Mary

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