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FranAll Saints Transmissions: Saints Francesco and Chiara of Assisi

Saints Transmissions: Saint Francesco and Saint Chiara of Assisi
Focus on Beauty & Enchantment Only

ST: I watched the movie “The Celestine Prophecy” in a meditative state and you came up in the movie.  Actually, Francesco and Chiara, you have come up many times for me in the past few days.  But I’m thinking that your message is for all Humanity and not just me.  After all, we are talking Unity Consciousness here, no?

Saints Francesco and Chiara: Focus on beauty and enchantment of the planet and you see the Face of God-Goddess.  You see the creator which creates from gentleness, compassion and love.  If you focus on negative and destructive things or situations you feed them.  You spoon nourishment into the mouths of negative entities and energies when you focus on them.  Is this what you want to nourish and give growth to in the world? Ask yourself also what you would like to see in the world.  Is it peace, love, prosperity and abundance?

We realize that the planet feels chaotic at the moment.  Storms come out of nowhere and wipe out illusions of the material world.  But here’s what they don’t tell you on the daily news—they don’t tell you about the protectiveness and feelings of peace that victims of hurricanes, tornadoes and other disasters experience.  The reporters don’t ask questions of the spiritual nature.  They just focus on the negative when in actuality there are no victims and there are no accidents.

ST: So are you telling us to detach from outcomes and our beliefs about certain situations?

F & C: Yes, we are telling you exactly that.  You must remember that Chiara and I walked away from the material world.  We denounced all of it, but found that in fact we still lived in this material world.  At first this disturbed us and we felt disillusioned.  I personally fell into deep despair until I realized that it is all about balance.  We asked ourselves how can we love God and ignore the gifts God bestows upon us. We misunderstood Jesus’ message about walking out into the desert without shoes or anything to burden us.  He wasn’t telling us to literally walk naked into the unknown, but to surrender our egos and not allow the material world to control us.  The heart and soul never reside in the material world, but the body needs our attention too.  So for centuries people have misunderstood our teachings.

 Now, you might ask, what are those teachings? And I would tell you that you can find the answer in certain Buddhist practices.   You don’t need to denounce anything or anyone or any practice that actually serves your highest good and potential.  But you must get in touch with your hearts because your hearts and souls lead you to a better experience on the earth.  You need your minds too, but for too long the minds have ruled the roost and look where that has brought humanity—to the brink of possible extinction.

ST:  I know you love all creatures so how do you feel about climate change which is human-caused? And how can we focus on only positive things when we also need to fight for the planet on a daily if not an hourly basis? We can’t let the transnational corporations destroy this planet through greed and commerce.  I think this is where many of us lose sight of our spiritual paths.  I’ve heard of spiritual warriors and spiritual activism so how do these work?

F & C: Oh, very good questions.  As you know, Chiara and I experienced our angry moments too.  No one wants to see the destruction of the beautiful earth when they walk a spiritual path or feel even slightly awakened.  But you can’t go through your life burning from anger either.  By focusing on beauty and enchantment of the natural world you empower the elementals and protective auras of the creatures and their habitat.  Every time you chant, meditate, sing, dance or find some way to enjoy your life on the planet that isn’t destructive in the bigger sense, you heal the planet.  You know that if you all lift your vibration by focusing on natural beauty, ugliness cannot co-exist with it.  High vibrations repel low ones, but if you stoop to anger, outrage, judgment, etc…you greatly lower your vibration and so guess what you experience?

Now, I know exactly what you’re thinking ---that if you don’t notice the evils in the world (evil actually doesn’t exist), that you’re not acting like a responsible adult.  But look at who you’re speaking to—do I remind you of a responsible adult? Remember I walked away from “adult responsibilities” to live simply close the earth and see the world through the eyes of a child so to speak.  Chiara did the same thing.  We all did in our community of friars and nuns.  Oh, yes, the responsible adult types laughed at us and scoffed at our simple ways.  Are you crazy? They asked.   Perhaps we were crazy, but compared to what?

And now humanity as a whole stands on the proverbial crossroads between ugliness and beauty.  And I’m telling you if your goal is to save the planet, then angry words in the socio-political arena aren’t going to take you to your goal.  Ranting and raving keeps you in the lion’s den and you can only see evil and if you can only see evil you will feel despair and hopelessness.  Your vibration will decrease to the point where you feel like you have landed in hell.  And you have.  But in every single moment, you can choose differently and arrive in heaven.  It’s always your choice.  I know what we choose and we hope you choose the high road too.

Remember that we love you.

Love and Blessings,

Francesco and Chiara

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