Sunday, June 5, 2011

All Saints Transmissions: Follow Your Nose

Saints Transmission: Mary Magdalene (Magdala) and Saint Jude
Follow Your Nose

ST: I remember the old Fruitloops commercial from my childhood where the toucan told us to follow our nose because it always knows.  Lately though I've also had to follow my gut even when someone is sneaky, clever and charming, especially then.  Could you advise us on what this entails? How do we know we are following our gut or just caving into irrational fear?

Saint Jude & Mary Magdalene:  Yes, my dears, very important question.  How do you tell the difference between ego and soul? That's what it comes down to.  The ego never ever feels loving.  It tells you how great you are, but wants you to stroke it like a cat instead.  And just like a cat, it purrs at you.  "Tell me more about myself...Please..." But the ego can also rip you and anyone around you apart.

So what is the difference between discrimination (following the nose or the gut) and following the twisted path of your egos?  One will cause you to act more loving towards those around you, one will lift you up and you'll feel centered.  The other one leaves you feeling oppressed, disenchanted with life and nitpicky.  If something doesn't smell right, it's wrong for you.  So really pay attention to smells, how people smell, how situations and atmospheres feel.  Do you feel goosebumps or chills in any part of your body? Do your ears start ringing? Do you feel a low energy hitting or pulling on your solar plexus?  Do you feel a heaviness or a lightness?

Yes, these are a lot of things to keep track but you have the skills within you to do this.  So you're talking to someone and something doesn't feel right, then it isn't.  What's the first thing you feel, is it uplifted or down-lifted? Pay attention because there are millions of souls here to trick you, steal energy from you, and do whatever they have to do to keep you beneath them.  There are millions of souls who get themselves into a powerful position through soul criminal activity--soul sucking, playing games, manipulation and control.

These people might have prestigious or important jobs.  They might look together on the outside or they might look disheveled.  They're wracked with insecurities and use charm to hide their flaws.  They dress the part, talk the walk, and generally have you doubting your own instincts.  You might ask yourself how can someone who has a good job, a beautiful home and a good standing in the community act like a viper on the sly? And it happens.  You only have your nose and your gut to follow.  If the situation doesn't feel right, it isn't.  I repeat this phrase because I want you to memorize it and take it to heart.  So when you find yourself in a situation that smells wrong, you'll walk the other way.  That you'll trust your instincts that God-Goddess gave you.

The world is full of darkness, but also light.  Your role is to distinguish between the two and the lines drawn aren't obvious.  There is a tendency in your American society especially to judge a book by its cover.  If someone isn't well-dressed they are less trusted than someone in a suit or it could but rarely go the other way.  People are more likely to smile at you if you wear designer clothing and have you hair done on a regular basis then if you happen to be a simple person with a bad hair day.

Yet, watch your posture.  Practice poise no matter how you dress or what money you have in the bank.  Never measure your success as a human being by the money in your bank account and don't allow anyone else to measure your success from that either.  Dignity folks. 

So back to following your instincts, the toucan was right, the nose always knows.  Sounds like a cute rhyme but is factual.  Learn the difference between ego and soul/heart. You must meditate to get to this point because the ego is a trickster, an angel and a devil in disguise.  Get to know your inner voice.  Get to know God.  Then you'll know the difference so you can discriminate what is highest and best for you.  Only you can decide that.  No one can really advise you so you must follow your own nose and your own gut.

Remember that we love and bless you.

Saints Magdala and Jude

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