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Saints Transmission: Isis and Persephone (Ascension into the Light)

Saints Transmission: Mary Magdalene and Jeanne d'Arc (Council of Lady Saints)

ST: I've been thinking a lot about Persephone, Pluto's mistress lately.  In addition, I keep seeing images of Isis and keep reading about her.  The situation with Egypt has also brought Isis and Osiris into my consciousness.  So what's going on? Does this have to do with Pluto's transit in Capricorn? This feels like such a dark time for the earth.

Council of Lady Saints: Yes, the archetypes of Isis and Persephone will lead the way to the light.  What you're experiencing on earth is an ascension process and it's open to all souls. We reflect now on the "dark night of the soul" as Saint John of the Cross carefully worded the experience during the renaissance.  The planet, the nations on the planet are undergoing another reformation, but this time, it's less violent than previous ones.  There will be no public burning of witches and heretics this time around.  Oh, yes, we see hints of that happening, and some frightening situations happening in regard to womankind, but this really is a time of empowerment.

Pluto, a heavy-hitter as you're very much aware, has more to do with reclaiming power than death.  And you want the death of the old ways, but not the oldest ways.  The patriarchs must descend from the throne and rulership now.  Of course you can see this energy resisting, but you can also experience extreme liberation from it, but this liberation must come from a place of love and not fear.  Any protests now must be of the peaceful kind.  Violence begets violence and we don't advocate it.

And in any case, as Magdalene points out, turning the other cheek has more meanings than what you learned in religious teachings.  As you read in an earlier post, Yeshua (Jeshua, Jesus) advocates acting like a mirror or a projection to deflect the adversary's energy back to him or her.  Like a true martial artist, don't take on the energy but send it back to the sender.  Refuse to play the game of victim or martyr.  Refuse to feel so outraged that you can't think clearly.  When that happens, when you lose clarity of thought, you have lost.  You can't afford to lose yourself and your energy to another.  Name their game (which there are many), and then move on.  Whatever you do, don't engage in any mind games at this time.

So you want to know about ascension? That's what Persephone and Isis personify, along with fertility, spring bursting forth with life, birth, rebirth, and the cycle of the seasons.  Both of these women experienced great losses and grew more powerful because of them.  But the story of Persephone is incomplete without Demeter, the Goddess of Spring.  She is the one responsible for throwing the earth into darkness and stillness when Hades abducts her daughter.  Her grief resonated upon the entire earth and every creature felt it.

In Isis case, also attached to motherhood and wifehood, her husband is abducted and dismembered.  But you all know these stories.  They are etched not only in your brains, but your DNA.  Draw from the powerful energy and archetypes of these stories.  Use this symbolism to further and power your ascension process.  Because eventually you will emerge from this grief and darkness.  Spring always returns, but not without a few storms that mingle with sunny days.  You cannot have the light without the dark, but the dark doesn't need to equate with evil.  A nighttime sky is dark and beautiful with the stars and the moon coming into play.  And too much light is blinding.  We strive for balance.  Play with your shadow and dig deep into your psyche to learn your true identity, yin and yang.

Pluto in Capricorn has come to shake things up.  This is a necessary purging process and it's best to let the earth mother do her job.  We realize this is a painful time, but only painful if you hang on and insist on hanging on to the old and dying way.  Everything, we mean everthing, every kind of structure, belief, pattern, even DNA must be redesigned and rethought at this point.  Nothing you currently know or have known will remain the same.  No stone will remain unturned and the earth ascends along with you.  You believe that mountains can't move, but Mother Earth has a few surprises coming your way.

One last thing before we depart, when women and men are not living in balanced power, men are emasculated (see the symbolism of Osiris).  When men claim the power for themselves as patriarchs have done, they emasculate themselves, feel empty, then steal even more energy from others. It's a vicious cycle and no one wins.

Happy ascension.  We love you and bless you.

The Council of Lady Saints

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