Sunday, February 27, 2011

Saints Transmission: Act like the Child and Love Follows

Message from Saints Francesco and Chiara of Assisi
Act like a Child; Usher Peace in the World:

ST: I'm currently reading Rhonda Byrne's new book, "The Power" which features the power of love and that when we feel love we engage in the positive side of the Law of Attraction.  Now, I recall the love that the original Franciscan friars spread upon the world and how they were rewarded with donations of food, shelter, and even a mountain retreat.  Can you tell us how you went about practicing the Law of Attraction even if you didn't call it that?

Saint Francesco/Chiara: We sang and danced a lot.  Not the type of dancing you would find at a country fair or a secular gathering.  We danced for the joy of it and sang to spread the news about Jesus' and Mary's love for the world.  But we also sang to all the creatures and the earth itself.  We sang and gave hope through stories to the poor and the sick.  By doing all these things we weren't just talking about love, but acting upon love.  We walked our talk, dance and sang it too.

So you ask us how we manifested charity for ourselves and the poor and we respond by telling you that WE WERE FOOLS FOR LOVE. We still are.  We believe that love is the key that fits the door of desire.  Oh, I know what you're thinking, how can Catholic saints use the word "desire"? Well, it depends on what you desire now doesn't it? If you desire world peace, harmony for your community, love for your neighbor, food for the hungry, and good health for every being in the universes and galaxies then how can that be a sin?

Also you have read in Rhonda's book (which we had some part in helping her write), that when you celebrate someone else's success, you celebrate your own. When you celebrate someone's new job, higher income, surprise check in the mail, new relationship, renewed relationship or healing from a disease, you make room in your life for those good and blessed things and events to enter.  Don't let jealousy or envy (real sins) ground you and keep you wallowing in negativity.

When you visit other people's blogs, websites, etc and leave uplifting messages, you uplift those folks and lift the vibration on the planet. (If you have the money, make donations too).  Every kind deed performed, random or otherwise also lifts the vibration on the planet. But when you do these deeds don't expect any returns, at least not from the person you gifted.  Just keep doing good in the world, and good will come to you automatic. And when those good things and blessings come your way, don't forget to give thanks. Show gratitude and share your bounty with others.

In fact, if you want to transform the world economy, pretend that it has already improved.  Pretend and imagine the flow of prosperity rolling into your bank account and filling up your life with Divine and sustainable abundance.  I mean, don't go overboard. We're still striving for the Highest and Best for All here.  Greed isn't going to save anything or anyone.  So imagine this prosperity and abundance flowing into your life and as you receive you also give and share what you have with others.

If you have an extra dollar, give it away to someone who needs it.  Don't think, "Oh, this is my last dollar and I need it..." Guess what happens when you think that way? Yes, you're correct, you manifest that dollar as your last.  Except that you can change that thought, that belief and that pattern.  You can give the dollar away and tell yourself, "There's plenty more where that dollar came from..." And then imagine the money and prosperity arriving in truckloads.  What will you do with all that money? Will you make repairs in your community?Donate some of the money to education and healthcare? Will you start a nonprofit create a biodynamic farm? Help needy animals? Start a music festival?

I'm talking truckloads of money here and you get to do whatever good you want with it.  Imagine this and put every ounce of feeling behind it.  Stop imagining the worst possible scenarios. Stop imagining the end of the world.  Stop LIVING IN FEAR and EMBRACE LOVE right now.

Oh, you know that Chiara and I are dreamers.  We enjoy dreaming with others and gather where dreamers unite.  We enjoy watching children play and children can even see us among them.  We inspire the poet, the dancer, the songwriter, the movie maker. We inspire the cook, especially those who make Italian cuisine, rustic variety is best.  We show up at happy gatherings where people exchange joyful and funny stories.  We love humor, music, and festivities, but we also enjoy sacred moments, in cathedrals and in cathedral forests.  We enjoy hiking in mountain glens and talking with all the various creatures.  We follow butterflies and sing with birds.

This week though we want to see more smiles on your faces and hear more laughter. We want you to sing and whistle with birds and marvel and the beauty of a flower or tree.  We want you to talk to nature and tell Mother Earth how much you love and appreciate her beauty and strength.  We want you to fathom the depth of the ocean and the realm of the mountains.  Tell happy stories, play with children or watch children play.  And if you forgot how to use your imagination ask a toddler to remind you.  She or he will have no problem reminding you how to play like the child.  Animals can teach you to play too.  Watch the mother cat with her kittens or the dog with puppies.  Watch the little song birds play when they think you're not watching.

Smiles and laughter are the best medicine.  Don't watch the news this week, and don't rant, complain, gossip, or judge others.  This week is about celebrating you, love, the world as you imagine it into being.  So yes, the Law of Attraction is real.  Believe in it and you can transform the entire World.

We love you.


Saints Francesco and Chiara of Assisi

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