Sunday, January 9, 2011

Saints Transmission: Flip the Light Switch On

Conversation with Saint Jude:

ST: Good morning dear Jude.

Saint Jude: Good precious day to you my dear ones.

ST: I figured something out. When I judge people as sexist, racist, or worse, it's not so much the individual I'm judging, but what he or she represents and his or her cooperation with darkness on the planet.  I know Francesco (Saint Francis), would see these people as noble poor peasants, victims more or less.  Maybe they are in a way and making the best choices they can.  But I just feel annoyed and frustrated by those who choose darkness (and rub our noses in it).

SJ: My dear, you can show someone the light switch, but you can't force him or her to turn on the light. You can give them a spiritual toolkit and all the information to suffer less in the world, but darn if 90% of humans will actually employ those tools.

You mention Francesco in his infinite wisdom and compassion, but even he feels frustrated with the current state of the planet.  How could he not when a 1,000 blackbirds fall of the sky and die in a single evening? How can he not feel outraged watching the mining and blasting of Sister Mountain or Mother Earth's breasts?

And then there is your epidemic of breast cancer. It's all related! (Descrecation of the Goddess).  Women are more tied in with the earth than men.  Women have lost more over the centuries than men! Yes, you know this, but some women argue that they're doctors and lawyers now and that they can compete in a man's world.  They can even choose not to marry.  But the price you pay for these "advantages" are too high.  Breast cancer, ovarian cancer, infectious diseases transmitted through sex are the results.  This is descration of the Goddess.  Yes, I'm capitalizing Goddess.  Yeshua believed in the marriage of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. That's what he had with Magdala.

He's not a patriarch and that's the main reason he was executed, he refused to go along with the program. Oh, I could tell you much more, but at a later time.

For now we love you.


The Saints

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