Sunday, June 20, 2010

Saints Transmission 2 (Saints Francesco and Chiara of Assisi)

ST: Good morning on this warm gray day.

Francesco & Chiara: Yes, yes, good precious day to you. And love to all the brother and sister creatures! Greet the day this way every day. Honor all the creatures, spread love to all the creatures and they will respect and not harm you.

ST: I try my best.

C: We know that you do. Think of Francesco and Brother Wolf and how Francesco showed the wolf respect. The wolf had harmed and frightened others because they approached the wolf with fear in their hearts. This is understandable because we were taught to fear wild animals and even domestic ones. For instance, we thought cats brought disease.

ST: They probably could or at least in the form of parasites carried on the cats.

C: Yes, the parasites and fleas—we did not know of bacteria and viruses. We thought disease was a punishment from God. And in a way with quantum physics and the law of cause and effect, we weren’t that far off. It’s not punishment, but the end result of an individual or society’s actions.

ST: You make a good point. For instance, if a farmer or corporate farm crowds animals into too small a space for that number of animals, disease will spread and not just to other animals. It will also spread to humans. This is logical and common sense. Greed however supersedes common sense. There’s this feeling or belief of getting away with something or tricking the gods of fate.

F: Oh, you mean the gods of money, commerce and big houses and that sort of thing.

ST: Yes, but having a big house doesn’t mean someone’s greedy, does it?

F: Sadly, it does. I’m not asking you to judge someone with a need for a multiple room house. This behavior has been programmed into souls along with a program to destroy and conquer the land and other creatures and human groups.

ST: So how do we wake these souls up from this programming that has left them in a trance?

F: Judging, blaming and shaming won’t do it. Treating others like they lost their mind or intelligence or input won’t work either.

ST: Ouch! I’ve done that.

F: Yes my dear, you have. You refuse to listen to others whose opinions are different than yours. But don’t punish yourself. You all do this and it is programming that you must delete, delete and say yes to delete… You can too. Replace those thoughts with loving and forgiving thoughts and practices. And you are doing that! Keep at it.

ST: But Francesco, what if someone’s beliefs and attitudes are destructive and violent to the rest of us? Do we let these people destroy the planets by allowing the Aquarian attitude of “live and let live”?

F: No, I didn’t say that you do nothing, but has judging, shaming and blaming ever really solved a problem? You must cultivate love and forgiveness inside you. Speak your truth, stand in your truth, and act out of integrity, but never force your “truth” on others, ever. Apply love and forgiveness always. Love is mammoth. It moves mountains literally, sprinkles stars in the heavens, causes plants to grow and blossom. We cannot exist without love.

So when you feel challenged, apply love in the form of deep breaths and loving thoughts. Focus on acts of kindness and act from a place of kindness.

ST: Thank you, Francesco and Chiara.


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